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You can join with Thedeciphers And learn , grow and solve problems together.

Kautilya Katariya is a computing explorer and problem solver. An Associate member of Massason Foundation , Japan. Hold the Guinness world record title for 'Youngest computer Programmer' at the age of 6 before title got discontinued. A certified Microsoft Technology Associate and IBM AI professional.

About Kautilya Katariya

About Us

“Thedeciphers.org” is a 'Peer to Peer Learning' initiative by Kautilya Katariya for 'Young Passionate minds' around the world who want to or trying to or looking to do some exceptional work, breaking the boundaries and connect with anyone on earth (in universe in future, when 'TheDeciphers' will find the Aliens friends ) with similar wavelength to discuss and solve the problems.

The initiative focuses on subjects like Mathematics, Physics and Computing to encourage youngsters to engage in live discussions about different subjects and concepts, share ideas and different approaches to solve problems.

The goals of the initiative are

1. Explore the world of mathematics, Physics and computing by providing a platform for live sessions and a set of challenges that are designed to stretch brains and broaden horizons.
2. To connect 'Young Passionate Minds' around the world to become stronger and grow together and solve problems of the subject and world by breaking the physical boundaries by providing this online platform to use for free.

Here we will have live discussions, videos and materials that are accessible to all right through to High School, GCSE, A level, Sr Higher Secondary, Pre, College and University students. It's Free and Anyone can sign up, so please spread the word among your friends, family and classmates, so that we all can connect, share ideas and help each other to solve problems together. It could be be your homework problem or any problem you are trying to solve.